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ExecuSmart provides organizations with a unique competitive advantage: better data, leading to better decisions, leading to better people.

ExecuSmart tools are created by the Executive Assessment Institute, a leader in the field of human capital analytics, founded in 1996.

The EAI’s mission is to create and deliver intelligent data-driven talent management tools and services, ultimately enhancing an organization’s financial performance.

Using ExecuSmart tools will provide you and your organization with top-level industry-proven assessments, resulting in better analytic data to achieve the greatest return from your human capital.

Do you avoid development planning because of its depth and inefficiency? Leave it to ExecuSmart.

Development cultures require development planning processes that are scalable and powerful. The Targeted Development Insights (TDI) report is designed to integrate the findings of ExecuSmart’s Success Profile©, Leadership Temperament Index®, and the Context Based 360° Leadership Assessment to provide a powerful foundation targeted toward individual development planning.

Targeted Development Insights Integration:

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ExecuSmart Talent Life Cycle

Leadership Temperament Index®

Context Based 360°

The TDI uses the findings of the LTI® and c360° to create developmental targets in better leveraging strengths, and works to eliminate development areas. The TDI creates a powerful foundation to create deep and meaningful development planning. It creates an efficient, science based, integrated development planning capability that has the potential to create a true development culture.

Targeted Development Insights for Emerging, Developing, and Strategic Leaders

Targeted Development Insights for Onboarding and Emerging Leaders integrates the findings from the Leadership Temperament Index® and creates the opportunity to create early development insights for leaders who are transitioning or who are emerging from individual contributor roles. The Targeted Development Insights for Onboarding and Emerging Leaders is designed to begin the leadership journey altogether or in a new role. The instantaneous access that the ExecuSmart system creates for development insights and materials from your LMS, or other development sources, is powerful. This early developmental direction is key to leadership growth.

Targeted Development Insights for Developing and Strategic Leaders is designed to integrate the Leadership Temperament Index® with the c360° for cognitive and behavioral development insights. This combination of sources allows insight that is simply not available from any other source, and allows the organization to propel their developing and senior leaders. These plans can be updated as often as new c360° information is available. The TDI for Developing and Strategic Leaders is designed to give insight into current leader performance, as well as future leadership trajectory, and key succession planning insights.

The power of either version of the TDI is the ability to create very deep and meaningful science-based development plans. The TDI is designed to create powerful efficiencies based on over 25 years of building insightful, targeted, and practical development planning.

For you, this means having a scientific basis for development planning in a scalable, practical system, designed to integrate with your existing development activities and direct real targeted development planning. The power of the TDI to unleash leadership talent is immense.

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