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ExecuSmart provides organizations with a unique competitive advantage: better data, leading to better decisions, leading to better people.

ExecuSmart tools are created by the Executive Assessment Institute, a leader in the field of human capital analytics, founded in 1996.

The EAI’s mission is to create and deliver intelligent data-driven talent management tools and services, ultimately enhancing an organization’s financial performance.

Using ExecuSmart tools will provide you and your organization with top-level industry-proven assessments, resulting in better analytic data to achieve the greatest return from your human capital.

How is success as a leader defined?
ExecuSmart has the answer.

The foundation of all talent processes is understanding competency. ExecuSmart's Leadership Success Profile© assessment creates the foundation for connecting leader selection to business imperatives and talent management strategy. The Leadership Success Profile© assessment identifies the competencies needed for a leader to be successful in a role and helps us understand competency in the behavioral, clinical behavior and leadership competency domains.

Why choose the Leadership Success Profile©?

Evidence-Based Assessment & Development: It is driven by 70 years of research and is the ultimate assessment to demonstrate evidence of leadership practice that creates organizational impact.

Easy Integration: It is the foundation of leader selection and the talent management process that includes assessments of leadership preferences and leader behaviors.

Time Saver: It does not require complex sorting exercises, games, or endless focus groups that require days, or even months of time and energy.

Expert Platform: It does not require expensive consultants; better competency models are created by internal experts.

Strategic Multiplier: Connecting leader selection and talent management to business results strategically transforms how organizations select, develop, and promote talent.

At the Canadian Pacific Railway, talent management processes had not been well defined.

The organization had at times struggled with assuring that its key frontline and leadership staff were growing in a way to provide positive impact on organizational performance.

The Leadership Success Profile assessment provided the ability to create integrated competency frameworks and understanding across the organization.

The framework is now used in all phases of the talent process and has allowed the organization to diagnose its most significant talent management challenges.

The impact on the business has been powerful and real.

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ExecuSmart’s Leadership Success Profile© assessment is the foundation for your organization to select talent, develop talent, and promote leaders. Creating definition in any domain, the Leadership Success Profile© assessment works for all phases of the talent life cycle.

The ExecuSmart Leadership Success Profile©

The ability to understand "what is competent" means that you can reliably target selection, onboarding, and development.

The lack of integration of traditional competency efforts means that the business imperative, those aspects of talent that will drive business outcomes, are often misunderstood. The Leadership Success Profile© assessment creates a foundation for understanding the role of leader selection and talent management in driving business success.

Only the Leadership Success Profile© assessment has the ability to easily customize competency frameworks that capture the critical 20% of competencies that often vary from organization to organization, sometimes for the very same position or talent pool.

The Leadership Success Profile© assessment is efficient, reliable, valid, and integrated to provide you with better data, better decisions and better people. It lays the foundation for talent selection, onboarding, development, and succession planning like no other competency modeling approach.

"The Leadership Success Profile© assessment sets the foundation for both our leadership and professional talent processes that have demonstrated a direct impact on our business performance.”

John Derry

Canadian Pacific Railway

Executive Assessment Institute, Inc.